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NBC29: People in Charlottesville work to combat alleged Chinese organ harvesting and brutal practices Victims Tortured In China Appear Before Fairfax City Council

CULPEPER STAR-EXPONENT: Culpeper stands with Falun Gong in adopting resolution decrying organ harvesting

The Daily Progress: BOS condemns harvest

Royal Examiner: Warren County passed resolution on organ harvesting issue

Early April 2021 Warren/Frederick County Report: Warren County passed resolution on organ harvesting issue (page 10)

Early Feb 2021 Warren / Frederick County Report: Remarks on organ harvesting issue at Warren County board meeting (page 7)

NTDTV: Efforts to End CCP’s Forced Organ Harvesting

Prince William County, Voices: Let’s work together in Prince William to bring justice to people tortured by CCP

Prince William County, Residents considering travel to China warned of forced organ harvesting

LoudounNow Letter: Alex (Yu) Wang – Applauding Loudoun County Board of Supervisors’s special resolution on March 3

Loudoun County passed resolution

Frederick County resolution passed in Jan 2021

Frederick & Shenandoah County resolutions, both passed in Jan 2021

Fairfax County motion, upgraded to a resolution, passed in 2019

InsideNoVa: Va. officials deserve credit for pressing China on human rights

HenricoCitizen: Resident praises state representatives for urging action about China’s organ-harvesting

Culpeper Star-Exponent: Local delegates endorse letter seeking end to Falun Gong persecution in China

EpochTimes: 49 Virginia Lawmakers Call for End to Torture, Organ Harvesting of Falun Gong in China

FairfaxTimes: Standing for Human Rights and Public Health

Archyde: 49 Virginia Lawmakers Call for an End to Falun Dafa’s Torture and Organ Harvesting in China | Organ harvesting

LoudounTimes: Virginia lawmakers’ letter on Chinese organ harvesting commendable

NTDTV: 49 Virginia Lawmakers Call for End to Torture, Organ Harvesting of Falun Gong in China


DKN.TV: 49 nhà lập pháp Mỹ kêu gọi chấm dứt đàn áp, mổ cướp tạng các học viên Pháp Luân Công ở Trung Quốc

The BL: Secretary of State Pompeo: 49 Virginia lawmakers urge ‘forceful and sustained action’ to end horrific torture in China

The Daily Progress: Opinion/Letter: Lawmakers stand up for human rights

Richmond Times-Dispatch: Organ harvesting is a human crime

The Virginian-Pilot: Organ harvesting

The Free Lance-Star ( Local legislators urge support for Falun Gong in China

The Free Lance-Star ( LETTER: Lawmakers called out China for human rights abuses

The Roanoke Times: Letter: Religious freedom and human rights